Company Overview

Trading Name Rosette Co., Ltd.
Head Office and Factory Higashi Shinagawa 3-26-10, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002
Tokyo Office Minami Shinagawa 2-2-10, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0004
Minami Shinagawa N Building 8F
TEL / FAX +81-3-3471-7451 (main number) / FAX +81-3-3472-0465
President Keiji Fujii
Founded / Established Founded : September 1934 / Established : May 1954
Capital 100 million yen
Sales Offices Chubu Sales Office / Kinki Sales Office / Kyushu Sales Office
Business Areas Manufacturing and sales of cosmetics and quasi-drug products, mail-order sales of cosmetics and quasi-drug products, etc.
Main Products Face Wash Pasta Series
No-Additive Series
Rosette Gommage
No-rinse Face Wash Series
Hello Kitty Series
Rosette Suhadabi System
AK Series
Head Office and Factory
Seven-minute walk from Shinagawa Seaside Station on the Rinkai Line or a ten-minute walk from Aomono-Yokocho Station on the Keikyu Main Line
Tokyo Office
Six-minute walk from Aomono-Yokocho Station on the Keikyu Main Line


The Rosette brand got its start with its Face Wash Pasta series. It was truly a groundbreaking product, as no other company had ever succeeded in incorporating sulfur, a difficult cosmetic component to work with, into a cream. Today, more than eighty years later, Rosette continues to turn out a diverse range of products that go beyond established norms—always with the goal of offering real value to our customers.
We have also expanded our business overseas and begun OEM activities in recent years. We are pushing harder than ever to discover the next great value in fresh products and services.

1929 Leon Face Wash Cream, Japan’s first creamy face wash, released
1934 Company established as Leon Shokai Co., Ltd.
1954 Rosette Head Office established at Shirubiya Co., Ltd.
1994 Company name changed to Rosette Co., Ltd.
2002 ISO 9001 certification obtained
2006 Company becomes part of the Yamada Bee Company Group

ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System

Applicable Standards   
ISO9001: 2008 JIS Q9001: 2008
Date of Certification     
December 13, 2002
Scope of Certification  
Design and development, manufacturing, and sales of cosmetics and quasi-drug products

Our company has proactively worked to establish a quality assurance system that conforms to global standards, and we acquired certification under the ISO 9001 international standards for quality control in December 2002. We will continue to base our quality policy on the concept of putting quality first, and providing trustworthy and satisfying products for our customers. We will do everything we can to improve our quality and skills.