I have faithfully used your products for 20 years now—since 1998.

Dr.Hisao Ogata
Director, Nampeidai Ogata Clinic
Keishokai Medical Corporation

When I was in my 30s—not long after becoming a doctor—I struggled with atopic dermatitis all over my body. My skin would flake so badly that it would collect on the floors of my home, and the bedding where I took overnight call was always soiled with blood residue and scales. I used steroids, Vaseline, hydrophilic ointment, and all kinds of commercially-available skincare products to treat it. This not only gave me a great deal of knowledge about products related to atopic dermatitis, but also gave me firsthand experience in what it feels like to be a patient. I've since gotten the inflammation under control, but it demands that I maintain a strict daily regimen of full-body treatments to protect and moisturize my skin.

I first found out about AK Mild Cream in 1998 at a Japan Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (JSPRS) expo booth. I was involved in research on fibroblast apoptosis and ceramides at the time, so I took a great interest in the idea of "natural ceramides". I remember having all kinds of questions about ceramides as intercellular lipids. What were the ingredients? How much did it contain? When I tried the sample, I loved the way the cypress scent gave the product an antibacterial feel. In terms of the ingredients that make up the ceramides, I eventually developed a good understanding of natural vs. synthetic, animal vs. plant, water-soluble vs. fat-soluble, micellized vs. nanoized, and so on. Still, I entertained the idea that a superior base might be more important than the ceramides themselves, going so far as to ask that the company allow me to try a cream with no ceramides at all. The representative at Rosette approached even this unreasonable request with great care and offered me a detailed explanation.

Three years ago, I left a university hospital to open my own practice. Since then, I have instructed outpatients on how to protect their skin based on their symptoms and treatment plan, recommending that many of them use the ceramide products that I personally like so much. The fact that such a large percentage of them become loyal patients tells me that they not only value me as a physician, but also value the products that I myself love. It's one of the things that brings joy to my practice day after day.