Quality Moisturizers for Patients Requiring a Skincare Regimen

Dr.Minoru Hoshino
Director, Hoshino Dermatology and Allergy Clinic

Two of the most common conditions we encounter during routine visits in the dermatology clinic are eczema and dermatitis. Lately we have been seeing a notable increase in the number of asteatotic eczema cases—a condition that is affecting the elderly as well—and there seem to be a lot of younger children coming in with dry skin and atopic dermatitis. There are many possible reasons for this, among them the fact that people are living longer, tend to get in the bath every day, and increasingly live in spaces that are climate controlled and get very little airflow. All of these environmental factors make it difficult for skin to maintain healthy levels of moisture. Those who come to the clinic for outpatient treatment (as well as their parents or guardians) do not want to have to keep repeating a treatment, even if it works the first time. Because there are so many factors that go into dermatologic disease and because there is usually a lifestyle component that is independent of any single factor, it is only natural that treatments have to be repeated. Unfortunately, most patients find this concept difficult to grasp. There are therefore three key things I focus on during routine clinical visits: (1) accurate diagnosis and treatment, (2) lifestyle advice (including skincare), and (3) identifying and eliminating exacerbating factors. Properly treating symptoms reliably puts out the fire, so to speak, when skin is inflamed. I then instruct patients on proper bathing practices (keeping water temperature to 40º or less, using soaps that are hypoallergenic and weakly acidic, applying dense foam with the hands wherever possible, and so on) and tell them to eliminate allergens if allergy tests suggest that it is necessary and possible to do so. I then explain that scratching the skin can compromise its barrier function. Finally, I recommend that patients who require it use a moisturizer to prevent future outbreaks. At our clinic, we give patients a choice of several sample products that may be right for them and have them test them out. When they come back to the clinic for a follow-up consultation, we ask them how the products felt and which they liked best. They then purchase their favorites. For years, Rosette AK Series products have remained our number-one sellers, proof that they provide reliable support for patients suffering from dry skin. Also of note is that more than 90% of product buyers are women, which suggests that men need to become more educated about skincare in general.